Historical events

1500. The older property papers mention the Le Bret family.

1572. Guillaume Le Bret sells the property to Nicolas Frotet, Sieur de la Landelle. He was the author of memoirs on Saint Malo at the time of La Ligue.

1628. Property is passed to Josselin Gilbert, Sieur de La Barre. It mentions for the first time the house – the Metairie – land, church, dove house, and windmill.

1660. Josselin Gilbert is succeeded by his son Jean, who changes his name to Gilbert du Bos, and inherits the property.

1679. Upon Gilbert du Bos’s death, the house is next inherited by his wife and daughter, Marie-Françoise Gilbert, who must first marry Nicolas Magon de la Chipaudière, aged 23, son of François Auguste Magon de la Lande, who has built La Chipaudière. When the husband is 28, he dies and leaves four sons as his heirs. The last one, Guillaume, is only 7 months old. Marie-Françoise then marries Pierre Le Fer de la Saudre.

1717. Thomas, Jean-Baptiste, and Nicolas Magon, the first three sons of Mrs. Le Fer de la Saudre (born as Marie-Françoise Gilbert du Bos), make a deal with their mother and stepfather in regards to the property. The brothers with a combined 15,000 Livres contributed to the 25,000 Livres that Mr. Le Fer de la Saudre (the stepfather) gave, so that over the next two years a house and outbuildings, surrounded by walls, on the Bos land would be constructed.

1737. Demolition of the old church is completed and reconstruction of the new one finishes, now located more to the south.

1763. Aaron-Pierre Magon du Bos, son of Nicolas, Sieur du Bos, and of Marie Moreau (sister of a member of the French Academy Pierre Moreau de Maupertuis and widow of Julien Magon de la Villebague), grandson of Marie-Françoise Le Fer de la Saudre, sells the property to his uncle Guillame Magon du Clos Doré (last son of Marie-Françoise and Nicolas Magon de la Chipaudière, who was a baby at his father’s death). The sale includes the château (first time this word is used in the documents), the house, the outbuildings, the church, the dove house, the gardens, and lands for the price of 24,000 Livres. Moreover, the documents include 16,000 Livres worth of furniture, ornaments, four marble sculptures, and farm animals.

1780. Henri-François Gaillard du Bois Riou buys the property when Guillame Magon du Clos Doré passes away.

1803. Mrs. Le Fer de Bonnaban buys the property.

1834. Auction sale to Mr. Eugène Le Fer de Bonnaban and Mr Edouard Le Fer de la Gervinais, who exchange the land of Bos with Metairie de la Saudrais, with Mrs. Clotilde Olympe Le Saige de la Villebrune, widow of Mr. Le Riche de Breuilpont.

1848. Sale of the property to the Baron Germain Joseph Marie Boulle, former Prefect, for the amount of 65,000 Francs.

1877. Mrs. Bigot de Préameneu (widow) is the new owner for 110,000 Francs.

1887. Auction sale to share the profit between the two minor children of Mrs. Bigot de Préameneu. Asking price for the restored property: 150,000 Francs. Bought at 100,000 Francs by Mrs. de Varaigne, Baronne of Vatry, living in Paris.

1892. Liquidation of succession of Baronne of Vatry gives the property to her daughter, the Baronne of Mareuil.

1942. The children of the Baronne of Mareuil sell to Colonel Appert.

1976. The Baronne of Montesquiou, daughter of Colonel Appert, sells the house to Mr. and Mrs. Picard.

2006. Mr. and Mrs. Robet buy the property and begin its restoration (château, outbuildings, park) with the help of DRAC, General and Regional Councils, and under the supervision of Bâtiments de France.

2013. Opening to the public.